Voiding the warranty on my keyboard

Installing the Hasu FC660C controller.

What's the toll on I-66? (dot com)

VDOT's website wasn't cutting it, so I built my own.

Prometheus' Carbon Capture Claims

Some back-of-the-envelope calculations.

Vimscript: a search/replace shortcut

How I avoid typing out super-long variable names.

Vimscript: auto-highlight matching words

Script to toggle auto-highlighting of matching words in normal mode.

TIL: the sticky bit

Permissions on a shared folder.

TIL: switching git remotes

Switching from GitLab to Bitbucket.

TIL: git checkout -m

Undoing changes during a merge.

TIL: gron

Searching JSON data.

enumerate() and dict.items()

Handy Python tidbits.